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Cow Creek Review is Pittsburg State University's journal of literature and art. Established in the fall of 1960 under the name Matrix, we’ve been publishing diverse, innovative poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art for more than sixty years.

We're currently accepting submissions! If you're a Pittsburg State University student and have poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or art that you'd like to see published, send it our way!



  • You must be a Pitt State student. 

  • Do not include your name in the submission or file name.

  • We do not accept fan art in any genre.

  • Fiction and Nonfiction: Submit one story/essay up to 6,000 words or three stories/essays up to 1,000 words (each as a separate submissions).

  • Poetry: Submit up to three poems (each as separate submissions)

  • Art: Submit up to 5 pieces (must be JPG or PDF) as a part of the same submission. Please state details about the artwork, including size and medium, in the cover letter portion of the submission.




Managing Editor

Prose Editor

Poetry Editor

Laura Wright

Kimberly Crowley

Mauren Flack

Allie Zornes

Asst. Poetry Editor

Art Editor

Social Media


Mia Perry

Ella Armentrout

Hannah Delor

Cora Jacobs

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