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Cow Creek Review

Editorial Staff Positions



  • Sets meeting agendas

  • Runs meetings

  • Responsible for email

  • Oversees editorial staff

  • Sets production schedule

  • Finalizes publication


Managing Editor

  • Plans and organizes events

  • Takes minutes during meetings

  • Responsible for disseminating books across campus

  • Copyedits front and back matter

  • Assists the Editor-in-Chief as needed


Poetry Editor


  • Selects and ranks the best poems

  • Makes final decisions on poetry (in cooperation)

  • Copyedits poetry

  • Leads workshop on judging poetry


Prose Editor


  • Selects and ranks the best prose

  • Makes final decisions on prose (in cooperation)

  • Copyedits prose

  • Leads workshop on judging prose

Art Editor

  • Selects and ranks the best art

  • Makes final decisions on art (in cooperation)

  • Leads workshop on judging art

  • Chooses magazine’s cover art and Art Prize

Layout and Design Editor

  • Oversees magazine design

  • Trains staff on InDesign

Web Editor

  • Handles social media accounts

  • Updates the website  


Application Deadline: Monday, September 4

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